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Modern Streaming Video for the Jamstack

2021 has shown us great growth and adoption of using Jamstack sites and videos to deliver our content. 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery. In my talk I will share with you several methods to deliver video on your Jamstack sites. I will explore new advancements in video delivery and focus on how to set up better performing videos on your Jamstack sites. All attendees will also receive a sneak peek at a new exciting item from imgix as well!

Head of Customer Success at imgix with a focus on improving media optimization for Jamstack partner platforms such as Vercel, Prismic, Dato CMS, Cosmic JS, Takeshape, Micro CMS, livingdocs, and more! Loves the #webperf community. Keep an eye out for a new Headless Tutorial website he is releasing in Jan 2022 called Let’s Go Headless. Father of 2 little ones with a third on the way. Want to talk about Star Wars? You can find me at /r/EmpireDidNothingWrong/.

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