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How to Open Source Your Stuff

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Building things so they work well in isolation, then piece them together to make the full application makes building applications easier. One thing that really helps with this kind of strategy is to open source your stuff.

In this workshop, we’ll take a look at an existing application, identify a good candidate component for open sourcing, and then go through the process of creating an open source project for that component and add it as a project dependency. By the end that component of the application will be easier to work on and contribute to and we’ll also have it open for the rest of the world to contribute and improve the software which once had bugs that were just as private as the original project repository.

Kent C. Dodds is a world renowned speaker, teacher, and trainer and he’s actively involved in the open source community as a maintainer and contributor of hundreds of popular npm packages. Kent is the creator of and he’s an instructor on and Frontend Masters. He’s also a Google Developer Expert. Kent is happily married and the father of four kids. He likes his family, code, JavaScript, and React.

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