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Orchestrating Serverless Go Applications on AWS

Soon after you decide to embrace serverless architectures you realize the need to coordinate all of the components of your distributed apps and services. In this talk we’ll stitch together a series of Lambda functions written in the Go programming language (golang) to build a serverless Slack command while demonstrating the deployment, logging, metric collection, and distributed tracing that help you effectively adopt the serverless way. You’ll not only pick up some Go, you’ll also see tools like AWS SAM CLI, API Gateway, and Step Functions in action.

Johnny Boursiquot is author of the Go Standard Library Solutions available from Packt Publishing. Johnny is a Site Reliability Engineer at Salesforce’s Heroku and enjoys teaching Go and cloud architecture. As an active member of the Go community, he runs the Baltimore Metro Area Go User Group, leads the Baltimore Chapter of the GoBridge organization, and teaches regularly at technology conferences and meetups. He loves welcoming new members into the Go community.


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