Going Severless on Easy Mode

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With functions as a service, cloud providers have signaled the smallest billable unit of computation is a single function execution. It’s a beautifully simple idea, rejecting the metaphor of a server, and freeing developers to design smaller and simpler services. We can iterate on our code with a high degree of isolation, without fear of affecting other parts of the system; deploy systems in seconds with zero downtime; and always be available regardless of load.

However, building serverless-y apps is very new and as such fought with early days complexity:

  • Configuration tooling was designed for the last generation of computing metaphors (and often lags behind the releases of new functionality)
  • AWS is massive and overwhelming with many similar, but not the same, products
  • The web console is confusing, with divergent interfaces between interlocking services
  • Deep proprietary knowledge is required to configure and maintain common infrastructure primitives

In this talk Brian will walk you through a new approach to architecting applications with plain text using arc.codes to create apps in minutes and subsequently deploy in seconds with zero downtime and unprecedented availability.

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Brian Leroux

Co-founder at Begin

Brian LeRoux is the Cofounder/CTO of begin.com which is a new breed of app that helps teams stay organized in Slack. In the process of developing begin.com an entirely serverless cloud functions thing emerged called arc.codes. In a former life Brian worked at Adobe on PhoneGap and its open source upstream Apache Cordova. A longtime fan of the open web he created wtfjs.com and sports a questionable   tattoo. Brian believes the future is mobile, seamlessly running in the cloud, on open source software and will be created by hackers like you.