Building a SQL Helper Library in Go

You can also view the full event recording on Crowdcast. This session starts at 03:29.

Go has an SQL package as part of its standard library. There are also a few ORM-like and SQL helper libraries that wrap the standard SQL package. In this talk, Ayan will demonstrate how easy it is to implement something similar yourself and demonstrate the power of Go’s type system and richness of Go’s standard library.

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Ayan George

Organizer of Orlando Go

Ayan’s first home computers was a Commodore Vic 20 in the early 80s. He started programming in C in middle school. He worked in the ISP, petroleum, digital signal processing, and operating systems industries and has also been a business owner.

Ayan was introduced to Go in 2011 but fell in love with it in the last 4 years or so. He organizes the Orlando Go meetup and is currently CTO of a stealth startup, a father, husband, and an avid photographer.