Getting Started With Apache Kafka for JavaScript Devs

Today’s applications consume a lot of data. Processing, handling and responding to that data – in real time – is a complicated task, which is why tools like Apache Kafka are incredibly powerful. But they can also be incredibly intimidating. In this session, Lucia Cerchie will show how Apache Kafka can handle and process streams of real-time data, and demonstrate how to get started using it.

Getting Started With Apache Kafka for JavaScript Devs

Over a third of respondents to a StackOverflow survey professed to a dread of learning Apache Kafka. Nevertheless, with a curious mindset and the right resources, we have the tools to succeed in learning Kafka. Take the plunge with me and together we will conquer concepts like events and topics, producers and consumers.

We’ll gain confidence through learning about partitions and brokers and how to use Kafka in the cloud. We’ll discuss producers and consumers, and how their configurations affect application behavior. Then, accompany me on a code walkthrough and see how we build and run producers and consumers in Node.js with the node-rdkafka client.

You’ll be leaving with a spark of excitement, knowing you have neutralized your dread, and that you are now firmly within the two-thirds of StackOverflow respondents who are comfortable learning Apache Kafka.

Lucia Cerchie is a Developer Advocate at Confluent. She believes in a human-centered developer experience, in the teaching responsibility of developer advocates, and in the joy of learning.

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