4 Trends to Watch in Backend Development

The frontend may get a lot of the hype, but backend development has been changing at a rapid pace. In this session, Monarch Wadia will look at some key trends that any backend developer should keep their eye on.

4 Trends to Watch in Backend Development

The 00’s and 10’s saw big leaps in computational capacity and browser APIs. Companies are now starting to take full advantage of these changes. There are 4 trends in web development that will dominate the 2020’s: serverless platforms, powerful APIs, subscription-based developer tools, and one-stop-shop cloud hosts. These were all either impossible or in their early stages in the recent past. Thanks to them, the future will never be the same again.

Monarch Wadia proudly identifies as a self-taught developer. He sees software programming as a democratic industry that welcomes everyone who seeks to enter it with open arms, provided they’re willing to put in the hard work needed to learn the ropes. He has led teams of more than 100 software engineers as a software architect, is the founder of two startups, and has nearly 10 years of experience in the industry. As Mintbean’s CEO, he enjoys creating mentorship and career opportunities for newer web developers.

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