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Make Videos More Accessible with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS)

Have you ever been on a slow internet connection and tried to load a video or stream and it’s frozen?

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is a video delivery technique that adjusts the quality of a video stream in real time according to detected bandwidth and CPU capacity.

As a developer, you have to make it a priority to make videos more accessible for the viewer to be able to start videos more quickly, with fewer buffer interruptions, and provide them the best possible quality for their current device and network connection, to maximize their user experience and minimize viewer drop-off rate.

In this presentation, I will show you different APIs you can use to make it easy to implement ABS as well as show you a code sample on codesandbox of adaptive bitrate streaming in action.

Tessa Mero is a Developer Advocate at Cloudinary. She regularly organizes meetups, such as APIs, Vue.js, JAMStack, and Developer Relations. In the past, she has contributed to a leadership team for the open source Joomla! Project for 5 years, including the board of directors, leading the production team, as well as evangelizing Joomla as a public speaker. She organized a PHP conference and founded the API City Conference. She also is an avid career mentor and has helped countless developers become successful. In her free time, she likes to play video games, go camping, cooking, and eating KBBQ.

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