Building IoT Apps (2018) - Course Outline

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This session starts at 00:59 in the recording.

  1. Introduction and Housekeeping
  2. Introducing the Particle Ecosystem (Brandon) [30 minutes]
  3. Hands On: Getting your Device connected (Brandon) [15 minutes]
  4. The Particle Device OS and Cloud Services (Brandon) [30 minutes]
  5. Hands On: Publishing Device Info to the Particle Cloud (Brandon) [15 minutes]
  6. An Introduction to the Azure IoT Hub (Burke) [30 minutes]
  7. Hands On: IoT Hub (Burke) [15 minutes]
  8. Data Visualization with Azure (Burke) [30 minutes]
  9. Hands On: Azure (Burke) [15 minutes]
  10. Controlling your devices from the Cloud (Burke and Brandon) [15 minutes]
  11. Hands On: Bringing it all together (Burke and Brandon) [15 minutes]
  12. Q&A and Wrap-up

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Brandon Satrom

Developer Evangelist at Particle

Brandon Satrom is the Developer Evangelist for Particle. An unabashed lover of the web, mobile and an avid tinkerer, Brandon loves to talk about sensors and circuits, microcontrollers, open source, robots and more.


Burke Holland

Principal Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Burke Holland is a front-end developer in Nashville, TN, working on the Azure team at Microsoft. Burke blogs only slightly better than he codes but not as good as he talks about himself in the 3rd person.